Renz – Instrumentos Elétricos



Develop, manufacture and sell products that meet the specifications, applicable requirements and expectations of our customers, offering them quality, cost-benefit and deadlines. Continuously improve the effectiveness of S.G.Q. across:

  • Employee training
  • Supplier qualification
  • Systematically review quality objectives

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Renz Instrumentos Elétricos operates in the panel instrumentation segment and aims for a job market where it can combine production while being concerned with the environment, defining a set of practices that seek to demonstrate its respect and concern with the conditions of the environment and society in which they operate.

Renz values ​​using products that are recyclable or recycled throughout its production line, the only impact it seeks to generate is a positive impact on society and the environment.

✨Actions that improve sustainability performance within the company:

  • Biodegradable cleaning material;
  • Selective collection within the company;
  • Partnership with companies that provide correct disposal services for selective collection and chemical products such as paints and solvents. Industrial towel cleaning services thus contributing to the elimination of the use of tow contaminated with oil, grease and solvents (Cleanroom).
  • Fluorescent lamp recycling services, focused on the correct disposal of the product. The service is regulated by Brazilian environmental bodies and agencies. Traceability and proof of the correct destination of waste is guaranteed through the Final Waste Destination Certificate. Correct disposal services for the disposal of batteries, electronic equipment.
  • Reverse logistics process to control the flow of post-consumption waste, with the aim of carrying out adequate disposal;
  • Rationally uses natural resources;
  • Invests in technologies and inputs that reduce the environmental impacts of its activities;
  • Supports the community and its environmental projects.

The company seeks to develop innovative and efficient solutions for good business and competitiveness with fewer inputs and the lowest possible environmental impact, maintaining the quality of our products and processes.